Fabiano Caruana in the Rising Stars team

Scacchierando blog confirmed the information

News has just been confirmed that Fabiano Caruana will be returning to the prestigious “Rising Star Vs. Experience” event, after playing there last year. The tournament will be held from 11th to the 23rd of August in the NH Grand Hotel Kransnapolsky in Amsterdam, which is the traditional venue.

The playing format of this tournament pits five “Rising Stars” against five “Experienced” players, who are competing over 10 rounds with the Sheveningen system. Last year the Experience team won 27.5 to 22.5, with Caruana turning out a 5/10 performance which was the second best for his team, Smeets scoring 6 taking the top spot.

This year’s goal is to improve on that and take 1st place in individual performance, as the prize is entry to the Melody Amber 2011 tournament! However, the competition is very strong, as even though the full roster of participants is still incomplete, the best up and rising talents have been confirmed to take part. Hikaru Nakamura, who only scored 4/10 last year, but has had a great Corus, Wesley So, considered by many to be the best young player in the world, and Anish Giri, who convincingly won his B group in the last Corus.


Fabiano Caruana against Peter Svidler at the last year’s competition

The up to date list of participants (one player missing for each team)

Rising stars:

Hikaru Nakamura, USA (1987)

Fabiano Caruana, Italy (1992)

Wesley So, Philippines (1993)

Anish Giri, Netherlands (1994)


Peter Svidler, Russia (1976)

Peter Heine Nielsen, Denmark (1973)

Loek Van Wely, Netherlands (1972)

Ljubomir Ljubojevic, Serbia (1950)

News by Stefano Bellincampi for Scacchierando blog

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