Gyorgy Marx chess players presentation

biography of six grandmasters

The Gyorgy Marx Memorial will be a category 16 tournament, featuring six grandmasters – Ganguly, Meyer, Safarli, Almasi, Acs, and Berkes. Here is a short players presentation, with each ones achievements, titles, and development story.

GM Zoltan Almasi, HUN 2685

Zoltan Almasi belongs to the top three grandmasters of Hungary with extra class players as Leko and Judit Polgar. He was not a “Wunderkind”, but in 1993, at the age of 17, Zoltan won the junior world championship and became a grandmaster. He joined the World’s elite very quickly reaching the 2600 level. He has won the Hungarian championship 8 times. He is an important member of the Hungarian national team. He has performed well on almost every Olympiads, especially 2002 where he made an excellent contribution to Hungary’s silver medal. The Elista Olympiad was another highlight of his career with a tremendous score on the first board. He did rather well on the KO World Championships in Tripoli and he was eliminated by the winner.

Best result: U18 WCh. Bratislava 1993 1st place, Groningen 1994 1st place, Pamplona 1996 1st place, Marx Memorial Paks 2005 1st place, Reggio Emilia 2007 1st place, Hungarian Ch. Szeged 2009 1st place.

GM Georg Meier, GER 2664

Georg Meier is the first German player who participates in the Maxr Gyorgy events is Georg Meier. He showed interest in chess when he was about 4 years and started to achieve big success since he works with Chuchelov grandmaster. In 2007 he made his final GM-Norm during the European Championship in Dresden. He played very well in the U20 World Championships in Yerevan only to lose in the decisive last round and finish 5th. Last year Georg played at the Olympiad in Dresden as a member of Germany B Team on the first board.

Best results: U16 Willingen Germany 2003 1st place, Wien Austria 2005 3rd place, U20 WCh.Yerevan Armenia 5th place, Budapest 2006 1st place.

GM Ferenc Berkes, HUN 2663

Berkes Ferenc has been member of the Hungarian team since 2000. Ferenc got GM title in 2002. In this year he won the World Championship U18. He was 1st in Zalaegerszeg (Cat 13), 2nd in the Marx Gyorgy memorial (Cat 14), behind Kortchnoi, and he also won the Hungarian Championship. He won the firstly “knock-out system” organized Hungarian Championship in 2007. This year he shared the first place with Almasi due the worst Berger he got the silver medal.

Best results: U18 Heraklio Greece 2002 1st place, Zalaegerszeg 2004 1st place, Marx memorial 2004 2nd place, Budapest Hungarian Ch. 2004 1st place, Junior WCh Istanbul Turkey 2nd place, Budapest Hungarian Ch. 2007 1st place, Martuni Armenia 2009 2nd place,
Hungarian Ch. Szeged 2009 2nd place.

GM Suruya Ganguly, IND 2634

Ganguly is member of the Indian Chess Team from 2000 to till date and grandmaster since 2002. He has special record like the Indian Champion for the last six years. He won the Asian Champion 2009 and the Asian Zonal champion for year last two years. He assisted Anand for his World Championship match against Kramnik in 2008 at Bonn, Germany.

Best results: Dhakka Open Bangladesh 2005 1st place, ONGC Open India 2006 1st place, Sydney Open Australia 2007 1st place, Paraswanath Open Delhi India 2009 1st place.

GM Eltaj Safarli, AZE 2587

The youngest particapant of the Gyorgy Marx Memorial is the 17 years old Eltaj Safarli from Baku, Azerbaijan. He is two times European and one time World Champion (juniors). He tooks bronze medal in the last World Championship under 20 in 2008. Azerbaijan has three players among the world chess elite and Eltaj follow their footsteps.

Best results: U10 WCh Heraklio Greece 2002 1st place, U12 EUCh Urgup Turkey 2004 1st place, U20 WCh Gaziantep Turkey 2008 3rd place.

GM Peter Acs, HUN 2550

Ács Péter has started his chess career when he was a very young child. However he became suddenly successful when he won the European championship U12 in Rimasombat. The great breakthrough in his chess career was his first GM norm in 1998. Peter has quickly performed the others, and in 1998 he managed to get the GM title. He did the best of his teenage years at the World Junior Championship in Athens where Peter finished first place with an amazing performance! Thanks to this result, next year Peter got the right to play in Hoogoven. In this tournament he also made a good finish. He won against Polgar, Van Wely and And Halifman, too. He was the winner of Marx memorial in 2007. Péter currently studies and works. He participates only in team championships and this event in his hometown.

best results: U12 EU Ch Rimasombat, Slovakia 1992 1st place, U16 WCh Menorca Spain 1996 3rd place, Junior WCh Athen Greece 2001 1st place, Hoogeven Nederland (cat. 17) 2002 1st place, Pardubice open Czech 2002 2nd place, Marx memorial Paks 2007 1st place.