Press Conference with Lilit Mkrtchian

Armenian speaks for the press after exhausting tiebreaks

Armenian star Lilit Mkrtchian gave a quick press conference after clinching a win in blitz against Eva Moser. Here are couple of questions:

Q: This was a long fight! What was necessary for the win?

A: All this playing and fighting is a great training and valuable experience for the future. In tiebreak, the most important is to stay calm and with cool head. This is a great test for player’s psychological strength. I have already played tiebreaks at the European and 2006 World Championships and today I was not too nervous.

Lilit Mkrtchian sq

Lilit Mkrtchian

Q: How will you prepare for the next round?

A: First of all, I will enjoy in a good dinner, later maybe a walk and then a good sleep.

Q: Most of the players here are of “tiny” composition and tiebreaks are physically very demanding. Isn’t it better to just flip a coin?

A: (laugh) Yes, maybe! Or perhaps it is better to play two rapid games first, and then skip the blitz, but flip the coins instead.