Luke McShane – Henrik Danielsen (video)

Analysis of the final round match from Reykjavik

In a very instructive video, GM Henrik Danielsen self-analyses his game from the last round of Reykjavik open against Luke McShane. “It is very important to learn from your own mistakes,” comments GM Danielsen, while commenting on the opening, middle game strategy, and the endgame tricks and tactics.

GM Danielsen pays special attention to the mistakes, categorizing them into inaccuracies, mistakes, and blunders.

The video is in 4 parts, each focusing on different moment of the game and looking at examples from Karpov and other strong Grandmasters who have played the line.

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Luke McShane – Henrik Danielsen (part 1 – opening)

Luke McShane – Henrik Danielsen (part 2 – opening and middle game possibilities)

Luke McShane – Henrik Danielsen (part 3 – position after f6)

Luke McShane – Henrik Danielsen (part 4 – the solid lines)

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