Vassily Ivanchuk – Magnus Carlsen LIVE!

Corus 2009 live commentary with GM Dimitrov and GM Iotov

During the first rounds of the tournament the pressure on Ivanchuk with the coming doping scandal decision day was obvious. His play was not precise on many occasions and his current standing in the table (10th position) reflects that. However, he is still within striking distance from the top positions and with the anti doping commision ruling in favor of Ivanchuk he will surely try to attack the top of the table.

Today he is facing one of the main favorites for this year’s edition of Corus Wijk Aan Zee, the young Norwegian prodigy Carlsen. Magnus just comes from a game with Aronian where he achieved a fantastic opening advantage, but could not convert it to a victory and will be eager to show his best today.

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