GM Milan Drasko’s Remarkable Sequence

undefeated through 84 classical games

Following our article on Wang Yue’s Unbeaten Streak, GM Milan Drasko of Montenegro informed Mr. Goran Tomic, Sah-Mat Lista editor, about his own 84-games run without a loss! GM Drasko clarified that his series started on 27th October 2006, after the defeat against FM Dr Heinig in the 7th round of Fe Citta’ Di Arco, and continued until 25th August 2007 when he lost to GM Milos Perunovic in the 5th round of Serbian League.

Milan Drasko sq

GM Milan Drasko (photo by Radmila Milosevic)

In between, he remained undefeated over the 84 games with a classical time control. 38 of his opponents were Grandmasters. Here is the list of tournaments:

Fe Citta’ Di Arco, 21-29 October 2006 – last two rounds

Fe Autunno Veneziano 3-5th November 2006 – 5 games

5th Subasic Memorial in Zenica, BIH, 8-16th December 2006 – 9 games

1st Open Tournament Vogosca, BIH, 24 February to 2 March 2007 – 9 games

Int Open Tournament “Sozina 2007″ in Bar, 31 March to 7 April 2007 – 9 games

FE 13- Leonardo di Bona, 23 April to 1 May 2007 – 9 games

37th International Tournament Bosna “B” in Sarajevo, 2007 – 9 games

BIH Team Championship, 2-10th June 2007 – 6 games

FE 3- Lido di Jesolo, Italy, 17-24th June 2007 – 9 games

Match Montenegro – FYROM in Cetinje, 7-8th July 2007 – 2 games

Montenegro Individual Championship in Cetinje, 11-22nd July 2007 – 11 games

Serbian League on Zlatibor, 21 August to 1 September 2007 – first four rounds