Leko is the second of Kramnik for the match with Anand

Times of India report

If Anand seems to have got Magnus Carlsen to work with, Vladmir Kramnik has got Peter Leko. And it’s a coup of sorts for many reasons.

The Hungarian GM has been close to Anand. “He is believed to have worked with Anand before his final match against Anatoly Karpov in 1998,” said seven-time National champion and GM Pravin Thipsay.

“I won’t say it’s a huge disadvantage for Anand. But it’s a slight setback.”

It indeed is.

Leko has the experience of playing a World championship final against Kramnik. So, he is well-versed with the preparation for such matches. And he also knows how these matches are lost.

It’s quite amazing that Leko has agreed to work with Kramnik, the same man who crushed his dreams twice. Due to super-egos involved in the 64-square game, the rivalry between Super GMs generally remains rivalry off the board too. And bitterness is easy to develop.

“Of course, Leko is earning money to be Kramnik’s second,” said Thipsay. “But by accepting an offer to help his former rival, he has shown extra-ordinary qualities. It just shows how good a human being he is.”

Interestingly, the genius among geniuses, Bobby Fischer is believed to have met only two top players of this generation in person, Leko and Anand. Now, the two are in rival camps.

Report: Times of India