Swim in the cold sea to win at Corus

Sergey Karjakin revealed his secret to Ukrainian newspaper Fakti

Sergei Karjakin 1

Sergey Karjakin

The victory in Corus Wijk aan Zee was the most glorious achievement in the career of a young Ukrainian Grandmaster. This success will allow Karjakin to participate in the final tournament of the Grand Slam series. The competition with a prize fund of € 400.000, which will be held in September in Bilbao, will be attended by the six best performing players in the year 2009.

It turned out that Karjakin’s success was aided by … swimming in the cold North Sea.

- Weather deteriorated – shared Sergey Karjakin with “Fakti” – It was raining constantly, and so tired of all that, I decided to swim in the North Sea. For a good swim you have to go far from the coast. When I came out of the sea, the rain turned into heavy hailstorm. The ice literally whip me on the back. Thanks to this natural massage, I felt encouraged, and went to play my game in good spirit.

Thanks to Kaleid for the tip

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