Topalov set to cross the 2800 ELO rating

his current performance at the Olympiad in Dresden is 2936

Topalov Portrait

GM Veselin Topalov is having a fantastic Olympiad so far. After 8 rounds he has 5,5/6, having achieved 5 victories and 1 draw. This brings him up to 2936 performance and carries additional ELO jump.

Topalov arrived two days late to the Chess Olympiad, but had a flying start. In the rounds he played, he managed to win against IM Danilo Canda, Gundavaa Bayarsaihan, GM Nisipeanu, GM Zhao Zong-Yuan, GM Zhigalko and had only one draw against GM Beliavsky.

In the October rating list Veselin Topalov was 2791 ELO. With the victory yesterday against GM Zhigalko he is only 0,9 points away from the 2800 barrier. His live rating is 2799,1. If he continues his solid play, he will cross the magical 2800 once again in his carreer.

For the first time Topalov was over 2800 in January 2006 after he won the World Championship in San Luis. Only three other grandmasters have crossed 2800 – GM Garry Kasparov, GM Vladimir Kramnik, and GM Vishwanathan Anand.

Performance at the Olympiad after round 8

1 GM Topalov Veselin Bulgaria 2936

2 GM Sargissian Gabriel Armenia 2927

3 FM Abdel Razik Khaled Egypt 2893

4 GM Gelfand Boris Israel 2835

5 GM Akopian Vladimir Armenia 2822

6 GM Almasi Zoltan Hungary 2814

7 GM Jakovenko Dmitry Russia 2809

8 GM Short Nigel D England 2805

9 GM Leko Peter Hungary 2803

10 GM Vallejo Francisco Spain 2801

11 GM Movsesian Sergei Slovakia 2799

12 GM Berkes Ferenc Hungary 2797

13 GM Kasimdzhanov Rustam Uzbekistan 2796

14 GM Rodshtein Maxim Israel 2791

15 GM Wang Yue China 2791

16 GM Bacrot Etienne France 2778

17 GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2694

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