Veselin Topalov arrived in Sofia for the match with Gata Kamsky

Topalov discards home advantage

Topalov Portrait

Today at 18:00 CET GM Veselin Topalov landed at Sofia airport. He came with a flight from Spain, where in the past two weeks he had been preparing for the challengers match with GM Gata Kamsky.

Veselin Topalov was welcomed by a group of journalists and answered their questions.

Hello Vesko and welcome back to Sofia. How do you feel before the match with Kamsky? Will the change of the date affect your play?

I am ok, I hope the change of the date of the match will not affect my play. In November I was in very good shape, I hope to have maintained it. I will try to win the match within the 8 games and I hope no tiebreak will be needed.

What do you expect from your opponent?

Kamsky is very strong, both physically and psychologically. He will play serious chess.

How is the organization of the match going?

I am sure the organization will be top level, nothing different than in any other western or developed country. ( read more about the venue)

Do you think you have home advantage?

Chess is not soccer, playing at home does not give you anything special, there is not such a thing as home advantage. I just have to concentrate, play good chess, and win.

Being first on the FIDE rating list is an advantage?

No, being first in the FIDE rating list does not give any advantage in a match. Maximum concentration is the key to victory.

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