Video interview with Vishwanathan Anand

Anand confirms participation for Bilbao, Tal Memorial, and London Chess Classic 2011

Viswanathan Anand gave an extensive video interview for Vijay Kumar right after the final game of Leon 2011. Among the topics discussed were the possibility of the World Championship 2012 to be in India, the challenger Boris Gelfand and his run during the Candidates, the tournament formats, and more.

Anand expressed regret that traditional tournaments like Linares and Mtel Masters are missing from the calendar, but confirmed participation for Bilbao, Tal Memorial 2011, and London Chess Classic 2011. Vishy Anand did not support the idea of the Bilbao system (football scoring 3-1-0) as it “punishes hard fought draws at the expense of easy wins”.

Enjoy the video for the final games of Leon and the full interview with Anand.