WCC 2012 in Chennai, India?

Chennai is a possible venue for Anand – Gelfand

Anand world champion

As the World Chess Championship 2012 bids deadline approaches, and with Russia bidding strong for the Anand – Gelfand match, the defending World Champion Viswanathan Anand voiced one more time his desire to have the event in India.

“I will be very happy to represent India before a home crowd in Chennai which is bidding to host the World Chess event. Though spectators play no role in cheering up the players but certainly their presence is required,” Anand told reporters. “If Chennai hosts the World Chess, it will be a great boost to the sport across the country,” he added for the Times Of India.

The bids deadline is July 31st and more interest, including from Boris Gelfand’s home country Israel, is expected in the next days.