Wesley So going for higher challenges in 2009

Corus 2009, World Junior Championship, and World Youth Championship

Wesley So sq

Wesley So is one of the fastest progressing young chess talents. In the January 2009 rating list he broke the Philippine record achieving a rating of 2627 ELO. His rise began in the early 2000′s, but was noticed in 2007 when the 15-year-old So became the youngest Filipino GM and the seventh youngest to grab the title. So won two titles in his first year as a GM, taking the Dubai Open Championship in April and the Battle of GMs in May.

In 2009 new challenges await Wesley So. He will start the year with the Corus 2009 tournament, where he is top seeded in the C group. He will compete with some of the strongest players in his age group – GM David Howell, GM Abhijeet Gupta, IM Manuel Leon Hoyos, and some more experienced like GM Friso Nijboer and GM Tiger Hillarp Persson.

Later in 2009 Wesley So has confirmed participation in the top junior and youth events – the World Junior Championship in Mar del Plata, Argentina, from October 16 to 29, 2009, and the World Youth Championship in Antalya, Turkey, from November 11 to 23, 2009.

GM Torre, who often compares Wesley So to Bobby Fisher, has stated for a local radio programme, “The talent and skills are already there and he has proven that. This year could be a test of character and nerves for him because everybody knows him already.”